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Run and Gun

A roguelike FPS. Levels get created randomly, and you run around and shoot stuff while stuff shoots at you. Run and Gun is a just working title. I dont think I’ll be getting attached to the name.

Planned to be VR compatible, and I think I have a solid idea on how to let you customize controls very nice.

I got a lot of system stuff done. The world creates itself randomly, You can pick up guns and grenades, cycle through what you have, and use them to destroy menacing looking cubes. I have about 10 to 15 rooms fleshed out, I just have to decorate them, and work on some modeling, and “the little stuff”. Screenshots soon-ish



This project just got a major edit. It was going to be an endless racer. As of now, it will get worked on either right after project runandgun, or right after twodee and threedee. I’m going to use this project to jump into networking. I dont generally like networked games, but I’ll give it a shot. With this one, you can drive around a fake city(probably VR compatible) and race people, or possibly a kart battle royale. I shouldn’t put that here. Someone will definitly steal that idea before i can make it. Oh well.

Update: this one is probably temporarily cancelled. I always pick up projects back up, but I have no immediate plans for this one.


TwoDee and ThreeDee

Two games, just lumped into one for now. This is the first time I will be trying a continuous multipart story. Part 1 will be a 2d jrpg type game. Part 2 will be a 3d game with similar battle mechanics. The story between these two is still ultra secret because it’s gold. But I’ve been excited about these two for years.


Mech Chess

Not a game. It will be an animated movie. Probably about 15 minutes, of a game of chess in real time between two tribes of robots. I’ve got a lot of modeling done for this and still working on it. This is about 5 years in the making, but off and on. It’ll get completed eventually. I like this idea.


Cyberpunk Fairytales

Not a game either. Very Binary got started without games as a consideration. This “I still very want to do this” project is a 6 issue comic miniseries. Each issue will be an isolated cyberpunk remix of a classic fairy tale, all taking place in the same interconnected universe. I’m really looking forward to this one but it’ll be a while. What i will probably do is, in between an update to the museum if I get any art donated(hint hint), and runandgun, I will storyboard all six of these, and work on it on intermittently. None will get released until it all gets finished though.

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