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Run and Gun

This one started as a Metroidvania. Parts have been dropped and parts have been added. Now it’s a shoot-em-up platformer and I stole a major chunk from the FPS I was working on. I spent three weeks on the jump physics alone. I plan to release this by the end of the year.


This project just got a major edit. It was going to be an endless racer. I’m going to use this project to jump into networking. I dont generally like networked games, but I’ll give it a shot. With this one, you can drive around a fake city(probably VR compatible) and race people, or possibly a kart battle royale. I shouldn’t put that here. Someone will definitly steal that idea before i can make it. Oh well.

Update: this one is probably temporarily cancelled. I always pick up projects back up, but I have no immediate plans for this one.



This is a major RPG I’m planning. Kinda Pokemon-ish, but better. Not that I dont like Pokemon, I very do, I just have things in mind that I think can be better. I dont wanna leak too much about this yet. I’ll focus on this when I have enough money for a team.


Mech Chess

Not a game. It will be an animated movie. Probably about 15 minutes, of a game of chess in real time between two tribes of robots. I’ve got a lot of modeling done for this and still working on it. This is about 5 years in the making, but off and on. It’ll get it completed eventually. I like this idea.


Cyberpunk Fairytales

Not a game either. Very Binary got started without games as a consideration. This “I still very want to do this” project is a 6 issue comic miniseries. Each issue will be an isolated cyberpunk remix of a classic fairy tale, all taking place in the same interconnected universe. I’m really looking forward to this one but it’ll be a while. What i will probably do is, in between an update to the museum if I get any art donated(hint hint), and runandgun(recent edit: it’s getting pushed back even further. It deserves more time than I can give it right now), I will storyboard all six of these, and work on it on intermittently. None will get released until it all gets finished though.

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