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I have lots of projects, both in progress, and on the back burner. Here is mostly everything in order of priority.

The Museum of Digital

I’m in the middle of a complete repolish of all the current galleries. I will also be trying to find art that I personally like(submitted art will not have to fit this criteria) to take out more of the “public domain” art currently displayed.

Very Lost

This was my first released app. This was VR before VR was a thing. It has not aged well. Im pretty sure i have an update on a hard drive somewhere, I’ll be finding that and/or fixing it for release

Unnamed RPG

I have not finalized a name yet, but it’s going to be a JRPG. I’m really excited about this one. I’ve done enough “experiences”, and ready to do an actual “game”. I’ve been working on the mechanics that this will go into this for years, partially thanks to…

Goblin Carnival

This is a text based RPG that ive been working on for a while, firstly, because I like CYOA, secondly, it requires very little art(this is a good thing until i can afford an artist to make it look good). The other problem is the fact that I am not very confident in my creative writing skills either. I tend to be technical to a fault. I’ll make do and get it out anyways.

Unnamed Mud

This one is still in a very early phase. It’s likely to also be done in Kotlin. Also with the “creative writing” problems. I’ll do what I can until I can afford to hire a better writer.

Candy Candy

This was a quick project I did a while ago. Buy and sell candy for profit starting with the money your grandma gave you Itvwas influenced by the 80’s game Drug Wars. I’m pretty sure I still have it, but I’ll probably rewrite it in Kotlin before its released

Cyberpunk Fairytales

This one “should” be on top in a list ranked by “I so want to get this done”. I am forcing myself to wait until it can get the quality I want it to have. This isnt even a game. It’s a comic book. This is also the first long term project I set myself to. When I get around to doing it, it will have to be good.

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