I got a lot going on right now.

I’m about to release a video spot for the museum for visibility from YouTube stuff.

I have to update Very Lost. Google says I have to cut users off at some updated android version. I’m not sure which yet. Personally, I’d rather it usable no matter what android version you feel like putting on your device. Oh well, the benevolent dictator speaks. All in all though, it’s good and bad. It could definitely use an update. I just didn’t anticipate having to do it “right now”. But you’re not getting “just an update”. I’m redoing everything from scratch. What I did is started a completely different project, and brought only the mazes into it. The entire backend will be better than before. It might even be worth more than the dollar I got it up for, so if you want it, grab it now so you only have to pay a dollar for it.

I’m also biting at the bit to work on my rpg premiere. This is a full scale old school rpg I’m talking about. I have an unreleased side project that is a mixture of a CYOA and an rpg, but this is going to be a big as pokemon red/blue(not by popularity, just size).

Life always finds a way to get in the way. I should try to set up a patreon and do this full time.

I’m also getting back into Arduino, and starting over with electronic engineering. That’s fun.

May your today be better than yesterday’s today

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