July 25

Quick update about the museum.

I have been working on the backend of the museum and am happy with it. I tried to build it about a month ago, and got some weird errors that wouldnt let the PC version compile. Android and web went just fine. No PC. Considering the fact that I’ll be putting it on Steam now means this is unacceptable. For the past month, I have looked at every aspect of this thing conceivable. I found ways to make it even more better, but nothing that would break it. Engine files got reimported, every bit and piece of the galleries got reindexed. Nothing. Then I said “what if it’s Unity that broke itself. I started a empty project. Still wouldnt build. I uninstalled Unity, removed every instance from the registry(yes, i do my development on windows) and tried again. It built.

I am so happy. Now I got some bug testing, and I’ll have an update for you soon. Tell your friends that would be interested, and I’ll do the rest. Thanks for sticking around while I didnt appear to be active.

Have a good one.

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