Current Plans

Here’s what I’m currently doing:

Gathering more art to put in the frames of the museum for another update. I have some submitted art, but most of it will still be found with public domain web searches.

Rebuilding Very Lost. I doubt this release will have more mazes, but I’m redoing everything that you don’t see. And this was VR before VR was a thing. I’ll be adding in a system like the museum controls with Cardboard VR. There won’t be a PC release of this, Cardboard is as far as I’m going with this right now. This will be update 9, I’ll go overboard with textures and put in more mazes for 10. Nice round number for a big update.

I’m also doing some work with my new project. The one that’s still a secret. I’ll excitedly put out a proof of concept build as soon as I have enough done to convey what it is.

I still have Candy Candy done. It always ends up getting prioritized away for other projects, real life, or work. I’ll get around to it.

The comics have been given an indefinite rain check. I’ll learn, grow, and do it better later. I don’t like limitations, but a comic book isn’t something that you can put out an update for.

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