Welcome to Very Binary

This is a generic repository of what I have released, and what I’m working on.

This site will be under continual construction and prone to random updates.

FYI: I have just destroyed everything to rebuild it. There will not be much here yet, but I’ll fill in details as I add the explosive awesome back.


Quick update to the Now Loading page. I forgot all about Candy Candy. Its done and just sitting there. I’ll release it when I get around to it. And I know I promised the start of the comics, but not right now. Twodee and Threedee have been merged into one. This is what I’m currently working on, and what I’m currently very excited about. Lots more depth than any of my other projects, and if I can pull this off…

Nevermind, I won’t speculate yet. Its still top secret and still got a lot to do.

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